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Set an Example for Your Team – What a Load of Rubbish !!

I speak to a lot of health business owners these days – and what a great group of people they are.

Motivated, dedicated, caring, thoughtful, compassionate – the list of great characteristics and assets goes on.

However – many of them have absolutely no idea what it means to be a business owner – and why would they?

It’s not like “Business Success 101” is on the subject list for many health professionals undergraduate courses.

I personally completed 7 1/2 years of university and did not do one lecture, course or tutorial about any business related topic.

Which is why many health business owners struggle in business.

As E-Myth author – Michael Gerber says “They are too busy working IN their business to work ON their business“.

What saddens me most is when I see great health business owner working incredibly long hours – arriving first in the morning – and being the last to leave at night – simply because they think they need to set a great example to their team.

What a load of rubbish.

Setting an example ABOUT WHAT?

About how being a business owner can drain the life out of you?

Keep you from your family?

Chain you to your business?

This is the most ridiculous “example setting” rubbish I hear.

In my health businesses – my team more often than not did not even know where I was – some days I was at the clinics – some days I was’nt – it was none of their business if I was there or not.

I was the creator of the systems – the developer of the marketing programs – the designer of the next big idea – and the Policeman of the protocols.

They got on with their jobs and I got on with mine.

None of that required me to be there first thing in the morning and be the last to leave at night.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking your team expect you to be there all the time – setting some sort of crazy workaholic example for them.

They don’t.

They are too busy getting on with their own lives – to have much spare time to worry about what you are doing.

Don’t fall into the trap of living your life to satisfy the imaginary needs of your team.

You have been warned.

Business Freedom at Last

If you feel guilty if you are not at your business all the time, feel chained to your clinic – or if you do not know how to effectively step away and enjoy the freedom that all smart health business owners deserve – then FINALLY there is a solution

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Canadian Seminar Series Update – November 2016

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