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I Received Some Nasty Emails Over This – But Don’t Fall for It

As you would be aware – I recently launched the new “Ultimate Health Business Referral System” with an end of financial year special – and I make no apologies for the fact that I marketed the program launch hard.

We had a tightly structured sales page, a strict order deadline – with a countdown timer – a strong offer with real benefits and a strong guarantee – ie 100% money back – as always.

During this promotion I also ramped up my marketing and promotion of the offer – with direct mail, facebook advertising and multiple email – all highly structured and in a specific sequence.

In the final days of the campaign I sent an email a day and on the final day of the offer I actually sent 2 emails.

As expected – I received a number of email replies like these :

You are pushing this program too hard“.

If you send me another email about this package I willunsubscribe“.

This is where many well meaning health business owners get into trouble.

They listen too hard to the odd complaint – rather than the message of their buyers and trusted clients.

Every time I sent an email or a direct mail piece – we had a spike in orders – so there were obviously people on my lists who had not yet heard about the offer or been motivated enough to place their order.

I can also tell you that the people who complained about my marketing programs – WERE NOT – ARE NOT – and HAVE NEVER BEFORE – ordered any of my programs or products.

They are the whinging few  who are on my list to get great FREE tips and strategies- rather than the appreciative many who have actually bought some of our great program in the past.

The lesson for you in health business ownership – is that you are never going to please everybody.

There will always be whingers and complainers – no matter what you do in your you business career.

You need to be resilient as a marketer – stand your ground – and do your best to tell the world how great your products and services are.

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