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I Need Your Feedback – Australia – UK – Canada – Here’s What’s Next

You all know how important it is to always be working on your “What’s Next?” – your next practice, program, product or service.

Well – I sat down a few weeks ago to do exactly the same thing for my business – ie work on my “What’s Next“.

I originally wanted to create a practical implementation workshop to follow on from my one day Client Attraction Marketing Bootcamp.

However the further I got into the possible content and from feedback we received from a huge range of health professionals – I realized what is really needed is a business freedom workshop.

An event that will take health business owners through a step by step process for freeing them from their practices – and enjoying more time with their family and friends.

The event will be a 4 hour intensive interactive workshop and it will be titled:

The Business Freedom Blueprint – 4 Hour Fast Action Workshop for Busy Health Professionals

I am currently working on dates and venues– and at this stage we are looking at Australian (August/ Sept)  and Canadian(November) dates – as well as possible session in the UK.

This is where I need your help and feedback.

My plan is to run the 4 hour “Business Freedom Blueprint” seminar on midweek evenings (6pm till 10pm), midweek days(9am till 1pm with an optional bonus session from 2pm till 4pm – How to Increase Doctor Referrals), and some weekend sessions(again 9am till 1pm – with an optional bonus session from 2pm till 4pm).

However I need your help in exactly where to run these events, and if you would prefer a midweek evening event to a midweek daytime event – as weekends will be limited.

If you are an Australian, Canadian or UK based health business owner – and are interested in having one of these events come to your city – please click on the link below and fill in the 1 min survey – so we can make sure we get the cities and times correct.

Alternatively – can you simply reply to this email and answer the following questions:

1. What country do you live in?

2. What city would you like us to bring the “Business Freedom Blueprint” events to?

3. If a weekend day was not available would you prefer aMidweek evening event (6pm – 10pm), or a Midweek day event(9am till 1pm– with a bonus lecture such as “How to Increase Doctor Referrals” from 2pm till 4pm?)

4. If the event was to be a midweek day or evening – what day of the week would you prefer?

Please email your replies to us at  or click on the link below to complete your online survey.

Once we have checked your responses we will let you know when registration is available.

Thanks again for your help.

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