My Boss is an Idiot

If you want to have a great health business – one that gives you a great lifestyle and excellent profits – you are going to need a great team.
I have been commenting in my recent posts about some of the classic mistakes made by health professionals when they are interviewing potential team members – and I thought I would continue the trend in this week’s entry.
Here is a classic hiring mistake you need to understand – because it can cost you thousands of dollars – and a lot of stress.
I call it “The Boss is an Idiot Mistake” – you will see why in a moment.

The Biggest Secret to Getting Good Staff in Health Care Is?

I was whinging to one of my mentors once about the difficulty I was having in finding the right team members for my health clinics – and in a deadpan voice he said:
“You get the people you deserve”.
I have since heard this comment repeated multiple times in many seminars and lectures – by very high profile experts – so this must have some basis as a hiring tip.
But what does it actually mean?