Are You Letting Down Your Clients and Patients?

ne of the things I like to do with my private coaching clients is to look closely at the words they use when outlining treatment plans and programs to their clients and patients.

This training helps them sound more professional, in control and confident – which ultimately increases the clients trust and helps all parties achieve a better outcome.

In one of my coaching sessions a client was delivering a practice treatment plan to me and said:

“You can also get this Swiss Ball if you like to do your exercises at home – it may help”

I stopped the session immediately and said “NO, NO, NO, NO “

What a wimpy, watered down, soft and unconfident statement.

Where Will I Get My Haircut Now?

Tragedy has struck at my local shopping centre.

I walked past my barbers salon this morning only to be faced with an empty shop – no clippers, no chairs, no hair on the floor – nothing.

The note on the front door – in hand written text – said:

“Peters salon is no longer open – thanks”.

No forwarding number, no follow up letters – nothing – just an empty shop.

Other than my immediate concern of where I will get my next haircut – my business brain quickly thought about what went wrong with Peters business and how a previously profitable enterprise simply disappeared overnight.

But more importantly I thought that Peter had spent the last 10 years in that little shop – giving great service – but now has nothing to show for it.

The business problem Peter failed to appreciate until it was too late – was he did not get his business ready to sell – until it was too late.

He also made a few key business mistakes – these include: