Cut Price Health Care – a Recipe for Disaster

I received a rather disturbing email last week from a current “Profit Club” member that I wanted to mention to all health professionals and health business owners.

The email sender is a well respected health professional with a sound business that had been doing well and providing a great service to his clients and community – like most of you I suspect.

The disturbing part of the email was when he mentioned how a new clinic had opened just down the road from his practice and have been charging greatly reduced fees in an attempt to gain market share.

You Are Not Your Client

I continue to be amazed at how unaware many health professionals are about the risks their clients take when they book an appointment or ask for help.

As health professionals – we are comfortable in a health care setting, are used to discussing medical issues, have no trouble taking our clothes off for an examination (we did it for years at university), and are able to ask good questions of our health providers.

Health Business Lessons from Oma’s Kitchen

It is not often that I am impressed by the service and dining experience delivered at a restaurant – maybe I am dining at McDonalds too much and only get served by 14 year olds asking if I want fries with that.

However – I recently dined at a new restaurant in the heart of Newcastle (Australia) – called Oma’s Kitchen (happy to give them a mention) a simple layout, huge image of a farmhouse and the Alps on the wall, and a great selection of authentic German foods on the menu.