This Book Will Change Your Business Life Forever?

Tweet My mentors told me repeatedly that I needed to write a book – and finally here it is – no surprise on the title: “How to Run a One Minute Practice – a Guide for Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Podiatrists, Osteopaths and…

Price and Fee Failure in Health Care – One Classic Mistake

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Money and Health Professionals – Why the Issues ?

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Cut Price Health Care – a Recipe for Disaster

I received a rather disturbing email last week from a current “Profit Club” member that I wanted to mention to all health professionals and health business owners.

The email sender is a well respected health professional with a sound business that had been doing well and providing a great service to his clients and community – like most of you I suspect.

The disturbing part of the email was when he mentioned how a new clinic had opened just down the road from his practice and have been charging greatly reduced fees in an attempt to gain market share.