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Are You Too Cheap?

I am continually amazed at the way some health professionals work out the prices they charge for their sessions – many do nothing more than ring the competition – see what they charge and then place themselves somewhere in the middle.

You price is simply a reflection of the value provide to your clients and patients – nothing more and nothing less – so the more value you create – the higher your fees – it’s that simple.

If you do the same thing as everyone else, in the same way, under the same conditions – then you are creating no extra value – so you can only ever charge the same as everyone else.

So to justify increasing your fees you must differentiate yourself by doing something different, providing a new service that only you can do, give added bonuses and services that other providers don’t deliver, specialising in a specific condition of group of people so you are seen as the expert in this area – or giving better guarantees that other providers can’t (or won’t) match.

To help you get better control of your health business and to increase your profits I have recorded a FREE 50 minute webinar:

 “Sixteen Ways to Increase Profits in Your Health Business with Little or No Money”

In this presentation I will cover:

  • How your thinking is holding you back from true business and life success
  • How YOU are the problem as much as the solution and what to do about it
  • How I made an extra $50,000 from one conversation
  • Why your current prices are too cheap and how that impacts your profits
  • How other companies are setting your fees and why this can ruin your business
  • The one report your computer must give you to stop you going bust
  • A success formula that will change your life
  • Why your team leave and how to reduce staff turnover
  • A website problem that many of us don’t even know about
  • Why all clients are not the same and how to get rid of the time wasters and energy vampires
  • And loads more

To register for this presentation and to have immediate access fill in the form at :

I welcome your comments on this topic.

Best Wishes

Paul Wright



2 thoughts on “Are You Too Cheap?


    Hi Paul,

    What are your thoughts RE: Advertising in yellow pages &

    distributing flyers ?

    All the best

    1. mdhpadmin Post author

      HI Jon – I like all advertising as long as you track return on investment. Yellow pages can be tricky – so make sure you do your research and dont ever let the yellow pages rep do your ad for you. Get some professional help and go for more advertorial style ads that mention the benefits, speak to the patients and dont lead with your business name as the headline – begin with the benefit.

      Good Luck

      Paul Wright

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